Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy… Unless Your Car’s A/C Drier is on the Fritz!

When it’s hot outside, nothing’s more important than being able to turn on your car A/C and cool down. But if your car’s A/C drier isn’t working, you might as well be driving around in the middle of summer with all the windows rolled down. Your car’s A/C is a complex system with several moving parts. Several issues will cause it to malfunction, including a failing drier. Fortunately, car A/C drier replacement is inexpensive if caught soon enough.

What is an A/C Drier?

The a/c drier is essentially a filter that removes moisture inside your car’s air conditioning system. Passing refrigerant through a tube with an absorbent material effectively manages humidity levels, preventing your air conditioner from building up moisture which leads to several problems. Moisture buildup in your car’s A/C system can lead to mold growth and eventually corrosion due to refrigerant contamination. Remember, moisture buildup is the most common root cause of car A/C failure; therefore, it is essential that your car’s A/C drier is working correctly to prevent this from happening.

Signs of a Failing A/C Drier

If you see any of the signs below, you likely need to take your car in for service. The most common symptom of a failing drier is a poorly functioning A/C. If your car’s A/C doesn’t get cold or takes much longer to get cold, this is a sign that something isn’t right. In addition, your car’s A/C system may leak refrigerant due to a failing drier, and you may hear a rattling noise while the A/C is running if the drier has been damaged. A/C systems are complex and have several moving parts, so it’s best to have you’re A/C problems diagnosed by a professional.

How is a Broken A/C Drier Fixed?

While you can fix a broken car ac drier yourself, it’s more often recommended that you take your car to a professional. First, your mechanic must diagnose the A/C problems to determine the cause. Usually, your mechanic will recommend replacing the drier if it’s bad. It is crucial to bring your vehicle in before damage is done to the components of the A/C system.

See your mechanic immediately if your car’s A/C isn’t working correctly. A/C drier replacement is typically not too expensive, and prompt attention will save you a more expensive repair bill.

Photo by cmannphoto from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro